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Our Programs

Get to Treatment

We can provide timely access to life-saving treatment. We are able to help you find the treatment you need and deserve. Our team will jump right in the minute someone says, "I need help." We will help navigate the system and advocate for you. We will even assist with co-pays or deductibles when our funds allow. Contact us now if you need help!

Recovery House Funding


Recovery Works

Currently we in the planning and development stage of the RECOVERY WORKS program. We will be opening multiple businesses in addition to another thrift store. These businesses will employ those in early recovery and offer a safe, sober, supportive and faith based work environment. We believe that this will help our Hope Recipients to THRIVE in recovery not just survive. Many in early recovery live in a perpetual state of fear (survival mode) and in constant threat of homelessness. This often leads to relapse and even death.